September 14, 2019

Yogyakarta International Folklore Festival Becomes a World Cultural Exchange Event

Yogyakarta, Sept 13th 2019 – Seventy foreign tourists learn Indonesian traditional games in Yogyakarta International Folklore Festival (YIFF) at Breksi Cliff Sleman on Friday (09/13/2019) afternoon. Guided by Luki Fidianto and friends from Kampung Dolanan Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Games Village), they seemed enthusiastic in participating in the traditional game workshop which was one of the YIFF events. The participants took turn trying egrang, teklek, congklak and also a top, competing with each other to win the game.

The participants come from twenty countries such as Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kampuchea, Singapore, Canada, Poland, US, and so forth, they’re purposely invited to introduce each other to their culture. Still, they are expected to recognize Indonesian culture directly by watching the traditional dance and music shows that enliven the festval which is one of the series of events in Jogja Tourism Festival 2019.

“Yogyakarta Folklore Festival is held to strengthen the cooperative relations between Indonesia and several countries, along to this collaboration we introduce each other to culture”, said Marlina as Head Committee of YIFF, Friday (09/13/2019).

The venue selection as an effort for the government, especially the DIY Tourism Office in developing tourist destinations. “One of the reason why we choose Breksi cliffs, we want to show the synergy in the development of tourist destinations by adding attractions to these tourist destinations,” added Marlina.

The assistant for Economic Affairs and Development of Yogyakarta Region Secretary added, YIFF promotes the hereditary culture or folklore as an effort for the government to approach with other countries.

“We decide to choose Folklore as our effort to approach with other countries to introduce Indonesia to the world” stated.

Some YIFF event series captivated a lot of visitors, YIFF series of events were opening ceremony, traditional games workshop, culture shows from various countries, traditional dance performance, and the highlight of YIFF was performance from Didi Kempot at 9 PM. Those series attract many visitors, they have sat in front of the stage since 1 PM in the afternoon. They watch the event while playing erek-erek and traditional game ‘otok-otok boat’ it created the rejoiceful atmosphere.

Throughout the YIFF event, domestic visitors also seemed very enthusiastic in learning others culture. As example when Japanese traditional dance was performed by participants, many visitors come up to the front of the stage to follow to the typical summer dance.

About Jogja Tourism Festival 2019 :

Jogja Tourism Festival (JTF) is a collaborative event, it is the only tourism festival in Yogyakarta region that is based on public-private-partnership with government. A joint effort by penta-helix five elements (Government, Business, Actors, Academics, Medias, and Communities) is aimed to build knowledge, empower and inspire tourism stakeholders to take necessary action to accelerate the shift towards a more sustainable tourism sector and the realization of Yogyakarta as one of the leading tourism destinations in Southeast Asia by 2025. We are not funded festival and we rely on all participants’ contributions to make this grass-roots festival a successful experience for all.

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